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Russ Miller

I've added the LCD unit (DO-06LCD) to my DL-06 PLC, but it looks like the buttons are only good for navigating menus and such, but not for manipulating data in the PLC. My PLC is logging data on how long an input is on, and displaying the data on the LCD. Works great.

I'd like to use one of the buttons on the LCD to reset that timer, but I can't find what address is altered when the buttons are pressed.
Anyone have any ideas?


Curtis Lehmann

How to change memory data:

1) Switch the PLC to STOP mode via the toggle switch on the front of the PLC.
On the Display panel press the MENU button 3 times. The blinking cursor should be on the line:

2) Press the ENTer button 3 times. The blinking cursor should be on the line:
"ADDRESS 00000" at the first position of the address number (indicated by underline here).

Use the Left and Right arrows to move back and forth through the digits and use the Up and Down arrows to change the digits. (Addresses are in Octal so only digits 0 - 7 will display.) Once you have the correct address entered, press ENTer.

3) You will now see 2 addresses listed, the one you entered and the next one up. At this point you may scroll Up and Down through the memory via the Up and down arrows (this will be useful for entering a series of parameters).

4) Now, with the address that you wish to change showing on the Right side of the screen, press ENTer. You will now see the cursor on the Line:
" CHG= 0000 0000"
The number on the left is what you will edit. The number on the right is the original value. Again, use the arrows to move around and change digits (note: values here are usually in decimal - digits 0 - 9 will show). When number is entered correctly, press ENTer.

5) You are now back to the screen where you can scroll up and down in memory. If you need to change more values. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all values are set.

6) Press ESCape button 5 times to leave Menu.

7) Return PLC toggle switch to RUN position.