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My project is to convert a steam boiler that is based on relay logic circuit to a PLC based circuit. If any one willing to assist me plz mail me.

Cesar Castillo

Hi! I had some experiences converting relay ladder ckt of dryer/kiln control, and hydraulic presses to plc using omron brands.
I really want to help you but i need some Info, like the relay diag, and the electrical power diag and some specs of the boiler you want to modify.

Cesar C. Castillo
Electrical control Technologist

Bill Wheeler

The previous advice re: NFPA gudelines
and failsafes is right on. But there is more.
Make sure (being new) that you start with clean updated, & correct schematics, a full understanding of how the boiler operates, and fully document and annotate your PLC program so that the next guy can understand it. What about an updated operating manual? Its all this stuff around it that makes for a good program.

good luck (available right now)
Take care. You don't say where you are from, but in Britain it is against regulations to use some types of PLC for, say, lockout control. Ensure you stick to your local regulations
Don't forget to use a master trip relay logic separate from the PLC that will shut-down the boiler in case of flame failure, low water high furnace pressure etc.....