Automation Protocol Through Ethernet


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Suppose I have a PLC (Only 1 Ethernet Port) which support Profinet, DNP3 (TCP IP), and Modbus TCP IP.

Can I get data using these protocols simultaneously through the Ethernet port of PLC?
Since these protocols have different TCP Ports assigned
1 Ethernet interface can handle all of them at the same time.<pre>
[email protected]:~/Downloads> grep -i profinet /etc/services
profinet-rt 34962/tcp # PROFInet RT Unicast [Peter_Wenzel]
profinet-rt 34962/udp # PROFInet RT Unicast [Peter_Wenzel]
profinet-rtm 34963/tcp # PROFInet RT Multicast [Peter_Wenzel]
profinet-rtm 34963/udp # PROFInet RT Multicast [Peter_Wenzel]
profinet-cm 34964/tcp # PROFInet Context Manager [Peter_Wenzel]
profinet-cm 34964/udp # PROFInet Context Manager [Peter_Wenzel]
[email protected]:~/Downloads> grep -i dnp /etc/services
ndnp 2883/tcp # NDNP [Khelben_Blackstaff]
ndnp 2883/udp # NDNP [Khelben_Blackstaff]
dnp-sec 19999/tcp # Distributed Network Protocol - Secure [Grant_Gilchrist]
dnp-sec 19999/udp # Distributed Network Protocol - Secure [Grant_Gilchrist]
dnp 20000/tcp # DNP [Michael_Thesing]
dnp 20000/udp # DNP [Michael_Thesing]
[email protected]:~/Downloads> grep -i modbus /etc/services
mbap 502/tcp # Modbus Application Protocol (updated 2014-06-10) [] [Dennis_Dube]
mbap 502/udp # Modbus Application Protocol (updated 2014-06-10) [] [Dennis_Dube]
mbap-s 802/tcp # Modbus Application Protocol Secure [] [Dennis_Dube]
mbap-s 802/udp # Modbus Application Protocol Secure [] [Dennis_Dube]</pre>
Don't know which PLC you have and if it can do this, but with most PLCs it would work fine. There's no fundamental Ethernet issue with it.