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Paul Jager

We had an internal meeting recently and felt it would be an excellent idea to write a “Class” or interfaces to support the MAT/LPLC project.

This means that users of the MAT/LPLC tools will have the option to connect directly to automationX for client distribution/connectivity with automationX’s networking. The ability to add a significant level of Soft Regulatory or Logic processing, full HMI, alarming, trending, journals, and hot redundancy.

For automationX users, the MAT/LPLC opens up additional connectivity and development tools. automationX servers are a convenient way to assemble individual MAT/LPLC applications for distribution of data to enterprise systems, etc.

The integration project is now with our Engineering Group and they have scheduled to begin reviewing the MAT project soon.


Paul Jager

For the MAT/LPLC project see…