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I need thoughts and opinions on the B&R PLC. The X20 product line is the one main one we are looking at.

The items I like so far are:
1) Cost of components is low.
2) Remote I/O cost appears to be low and easy to configure both hardware and in the ladder.
3) Software appears to be easy to use once you learn the environment. The Help files appear to be better then some of the other PLC mfgs. When you select an instruction or hardware component and press F1, the help for the particular item pops up without having to search. (New version 3.0)

All the other brands, AB, GE, Omron, Mitsubishi had either higher costs on parts or the software was not as straight-forward and time to create, de-bug and support needs to be considered.

I have been around PLCs for 20 years and have not worked on a B&R. So any insight would be very helpful.

You should not compare it to conventional PLCs.
A better comparison is to http://www.beckhoff.com/english/default.htm, which are generally less expensive and have a larger choice of components.

Both are way more powerful than conventional PLCs and at lower prices.

Another advantage is that it is easy to port software between them because they are IEC 61131-3 compatible.

Ken Emmons Jr.


I was considering B&R a few years ago when we switched automation platforms. I wanted a system with relatively high level programming and integrated motion, and high speed IO. B&R seemed to have it although at the time they were still ramping up support in the USA and the servo drives were quite huge for small 50-200W type motors. I don't have any real experience with them but one of our automation vendors likes them a lot.