B&R automation studio.

Good day All,

recently we needed to find an in house solution to digitization of underground machinery, we found ourselves wanting in regard to this as we had an individual 3rd party developed hardware and software for underground machinery. we are now looking into using B&R controller and their software automation studio. has anyone used this and do you have any sites to point me to in order to learn the product and develop the skills required.
Hello Stephen,
I have no experience with B&R automation studio however I suspect given the Linux based OS of their products that one of the many quality Linux programming tutorial on the web would be useful. It looks from their docs that they support C/C++ so perhaps one of these would be useful?
BTW I work for Schneider Electric and we have a general purpose programmable module for the Modicon M580 PLC under limited release that could suit your purposes. We support many high level languages, IDEs and frameworks, and I certainly know how to program this one, so if you are interested let me know and I would be happy to help.