B&R Mini-Net on multi-drop


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Hullsiek, William

Has anyone interfaced to a B&R M264 based PLC from an HMI (i am using iFIX).

The modules in the PLC consists of:

one NTCP-63 (main CPU unit)
Two PNC1
one E243
one SWIF
two A162

In reviewing the documentation, it looks like the native protocol is called Mini-Net which runs on a serial multi-drop configuration.

I have sent in an e-mail to www.br-automation.com requesting information, but have not heard from them. (most likely they are on holiday).

Anyways, was wondering if anyone on the list is familiar with the protocol, and could point me to the right documentation. I am open to the purchase of an OPC-server or source code (VBA, Pascal, C/C++, etc.), but I have limited funds, i.e., under $500.

Bill Hullsiek
MES software engineer.
Hi Sir.

It seems that to find Protocol is not B&R's theory. I work for B&R in China. If you want communicate it with HMI(iFix), I think you should buy B&R PVI, a package which has MINI net, INA2000, Net2000 protocol in it.