Hello, I have seen these PLC's but I have not been able to get an editor software for such PLC (It came already with program on some machines). What I know is that they are CAN ready. Any information about these PLC's are most welcomed.

William F. Hullsiek

Call B&R and ask them to identify 2-3 people within 1-2 hours of the plants where you are installing the systems.

If they return your phone call, and If they give you an answer then I would consider purchasing a B&R (here in the United States).

Thumbs up for reliability
Thumbs down for service

William F. Hullsiek

Asif Khokher

We have used it in South Asia and this product has got good installations in Europe especially in Machine Processes. B&R product is not redundant but it has got very strong programming softwares. Also, B&R has got range of products for different applications and requirements.

Asif khokher
Sr. Engineer
INTECH Process Automation
This is fuzzy memory from about 4 years ago when I was looking into them (but never implemented them) IIRC They were programmed in a BASIC like language and were true multitaskers with priority classes for the different tasks.

When I was looking into it the rep had been talking about a C or C++ language for them, but
we went the roll-your-own route and I haven't followed development since then.

The prices were reasonable and the capabilities pretty advanced. I can't speak for the service but I think the manuals (and maybe even the software) was on free CD or available on the net.

(of course 4 years ago was a long time...)


They were relatively high on my list (2nd or 3rd) of my choices for NIH (not invented here) controls...