Back Pressure Control Mode In Toshiba steam turbine D-EHC control system


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Mohamed Salem

Dear sir,

after greeting, In our site we have three GTs GE frame9FA, Back pressure steam turbine toshiba and three distiller. always we have problem in our site that is the steam turbine always tripped by the protection Exhaust pressure (Low Low or High High). when the distiller in service we have two mode for back pressure control (BPC). it is run from (EHC or DCS) put operation stuff always not activate this control they always select ALR mode

moderator's note: I think this should read, "from (EHC or DCS) <b>but</b> operation...."

(Automatic Load Regulator). we need to know what is the pest Mode for running the steam turbine with the distiller which is running with the exhaust pressure 1.5 bar (BPC or ALR)

Mohamed salem