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Hi Everybody!

I got a trouble as urgent issue.

After gas turbine synchronize, increasing load about 60%. I faced 'Gas Turbine Back-up Temperature Reference Active Alarm' and It was reset immediately. There was no issues in IGV, CPD, only FSR increased 100%. Actually I have a problem in F2-3 combustion system due to exhaust temperature. but It is just alarm, not trip. H-25 Gas turbine (GE MarkVI) in my plant.

Please reply for your kindless (ASAP).

If the FSR went to 100% about the only thing that would cause that to happen without an Exhaust Temp High Alarm and -Trip would be a problem with the gas fuel supply pressure and/or flow-rate (I'm presuming the unit was running on gas fuel, but a problem with liquid fuel supply pressure and/or flow-rate would cause the same alarm).

If everything went back to"normal" then there's probably no issue; except whatever caused the problem with the fuel supply pressure amd/or flow-rate to be low.

Hope this helps!