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I would like to get a backup (to my laptop) of the configuration in the PLC before something goes wrong. I have limited knowledge but a strong IT background and I have a big learning curve but as I learn I would like at least to have a backup. This is what I have (I think :) ).
Everything is Modicon.

CPU 534 - 14A
CPU 434 - 12
NOE 77110 (2) connected via cat5 into hub - I can determine the IP addresses if needed.
J890 I/O Proc.
CPR 931 (2) RIO Head
CRA 931 RIO drop
Multitude of ACO,ACI,DDI,DAI,DRA,B825,B875 - I/O boards/ports.

FactoryLink 6.6 and Concept 2.1

How can I download the software to my laptop (XP) so I have a backup while I'm in this big learning curve.

Robert Willis

Utilizing the Concept Software connect to each controller and confirm that you can connect with a equal state. Once you have this you will need to use the Concept Converter application and create a "ASC" file using the File Export option. I would make two copies

1. Project wiith Used DFB's (Re-Connect to Equal)
2. Project with Used DFB's or Project with All DFB's + Macros

The primary reason for the first one is so you can re-connect to the controller in a equal state. If you do not have this copy then you may have to stop the controller to re-download the application code.

You need a copy of the application with used DFB's or All DFB's + macros to be able to import this application into another version of Concept (Latest Version: Concept Verison 2.6 SR6) or into the Unity Pro application.

NOTE: In order to UPLOAD the application from the Modicon Controller this option needed to be checked in the Concept software before downloading to the PLC.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Schneider Electric office or distributor.

Burhan Qadri

You need to know the make of the PLC's first. Are they Modicon PLC's or Siemens? Then you need the respective software for each PLC. Install that software on your laptop e.g. install STEP 5 for Siemens S5 PLC's. Then use the required cable to hook up to each PLC and Upload program fron PLC. Every plant usually has backups of PLC programs!

As I said start with finding out the manufacturer of your PLC's.

Good luck.
When you say "connect" to each controller is this a physical connection to the front of the controller or through the Concept software you connect via a TCP/IP address or via the ModBus Plus cabling? Thanks.

Robert Willis

You can connect to a Modicon Quantum Controller via the following methods.

1. Direct RS232 Serial Connection to CPU

2. Modbus Plus Connection (Required Modbus Plus Adapter for your personal computer.

3. Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet connection. In order to do this the PLC will need to have a Ethernet Module installed and you must know the assigned IP address.

Robert Willis


If you want to contact me directly please send a e-mail to robert.willis [at] and I can assist you with getting connected to your Modicon Quantum controllers.