BACnet to BACnet interoprability

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Tapas Kumar Bose

Now-a-days we see lots of specifications which are written with an assumption that two BACnet systems from differnt vendors will work like
a plug-and-play devices. Consultant/client assumes that if BACnet is specified, then they are fully protected agaisnt all future expansions
which might have Building Automation systems from multiple vendors, without incurring any cost toward achieving the interoprability
between these systems.

Can sone-one give us a detailed account of all the steps required to monitor and control a data point in vendor "A" system from operator
work station of vendor "B". These two systems are connected over BACnet-Ethernet TCP/IP. And an approximate budgetary cost for impementing
the interoprability between these two systems.

Peter Whalley

Hi Tapas

Be carefull to distinguish between interoperability (ability to intercommunicate) and interchangability (ability of one device to directly replace another without re-engineering). BACNet does not claim to provide interchangeability.

Many reports from contractors working with BACnet products indicate that it is very simple to interface one companies BACNet HMI to another companies BACNet controllers and exchange data. Basically just open the HMI browser and all the controllers come up and you can see the tags and hook them into the HMI.

What is generally not possible is to use one manufacurer's programming tool to program another manufacturers controllers but this was not a goal of the BACnet standard.

OTOH I understand that some application specific controllers are in fact interchangeable. Have a look at the VAV controllers from Alerton and Delta for example.

If you need more information, you could post your question to the BACnet user list at [email protected] .


Peter Whalley