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We have Bailey Infi90 System (7 Operator consoles, 7000 I/O point ) running since 1995. We do not have any AsBuilt drawings or any System standard documents.

My questions are:
1. Can DBDOC form www.GMCL.Com help us creating the AsBuilt documents?
2. How to upgrade the existing unix to Windows based operator station?
3. What about OPC connectivity for the new Windows based operator station?


Douglas Firlotte

DBDOC is an excellent product that no large Bailey DCS system should be without, but it is designed to enhance documentation rather then create it. You may still want to contact GMCL.Com as they may have some unadvertised services or contacts that may help you.

There is a product called Reverse CAD from C.A. R. Systems, ( Reverse CAD is a product/service that can produce WINCAD type files from the CFG files in your running modules.

There are four major categories of documentation for a Bailey DCS.
· The first is the control logic documentation. (Blockware documentation , WINCAD)
· The second is the source graphic files. On the MCS (MTOS), PCV (QUNIX), and OIS-4x (VMS) type operator consoles the graphic is created on a PC using Baileys graphics tools. This file has a DR extension. The file in then converted to a DT extension, then loaded to the console, then processed into a DU type file. I’m not aware of any utilities that allow recreation of a DR file from a DU file. (Without the original DR file you can’t edit the graphic). I have no experience with older operator interfaces but assume the issues are similar.
· The third source is the tag database. The tag database ties the console graphics and the control logic together. This database can be extracted from your operator interface servers. A description of these utilities should be in your console manuals, under file utilities.
· The final set of documentation is your external hard wire documentation, (Loop sheets and elementariness)

ABB currently sells two types of Windows based operator interfaces for the Bailey DCS. The older type is Conductor NT. The newer type is Operator IT. It is a more open and web oriented descendent of Conductor NT. There are probably still more Conductor NT operator interface in service then Operator ITs. Conductor NT can be simpler to set up for someone with experience on older Bailey equipment. The cost of Operator IT can be higher are lower then Conductor NT depending on the configuration.
The databases from older type operator interfaces can be converted and loaded into the Windows based consoles but some revisions will be required. There are also utilities to convert graphic, but these are all that practical. The conversions are only partial. Only faceplate pages will convert close to 100% automatically. Your graphics will require a fair amount of manual work to convert and will look like stick figures instead of the 3D-shades images that the consoles are capable of. You’ll also need your source graphics files to do a conversion. You’re probably better off to rebuild your graphics from scratch. (I used summer students to do mine to reduce the cost. I also got graphics that match our rather unique conventions, rather then a “boiler plate” approach we would have gotten from the vendor.)
I replaced 3 of 12 older operator interface servers with Conductor NT at Great Northern Paper before budgets went to zero a couple of years ago, (and then bankruptcy and shutdown in January). If funding were available I would have replaced all MCSs, PCVs, and OISs, in that order, over a four year period. I would have put in one more Conductor NT then switched to Operate IT.
OPC is available for both Conductor NT and Operator IT.

Subhra Goswami

I am from ABB India. Where are your plant located, in case if you give the details I shall be interested to work with you so that we can go ahead for assisting you in the job.

Please feel free to contact me at the earliest.

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Hello Magdi,
I arrived later on this theme. We were a old Bailley Sytem representation and Integrators, linked today with ABB. So if you don't have a solution today and intend to solve, may be we can help you. Just send us a message ([email protected]).
Best Regards, FVT

I agree that DBDOc is a great product, but as stated by others, it can't create drawings of the system for you.

I can offer some assistance with getting a cost effective, windows based operator console.

Our web site has information and some downloads with information on our offering.

Please contact me directly if you would like additional information.

Best Regards,

Rick Arnott

Ahmed Hussein

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