Baldor 15H drive on DeviceNet


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Phil Carey

Has anyone used a Baldor 15H drive on DeviceNet. I am having trouble getting the drive to accept assembly instances 103 and 153 as recommended by the factory. The drive seems to default to 105
and 155 but they are not listed in my manual. Any help or information will be appreciated.


Dear Phil,
Sorry to hear of the problems you are having. We are having similar ones currently. Baldor Tech support is pleasant yet unhelpful. Do you have the latested EDS File. Baldor admits that there documentation is not controlled well. What you get from the web may not be the same that comes with the hardware. I have the latest EDS if you need it. As far as the instances. Have you made sure that your are not executing another command at the same time. For instances set the command mode as well as the control mode to off. It usually will not allow you to change it when you may be in a mode that they are being used.

Marshall Chapman and a Engineerin named Marrianna are the ones that you will need to talk to. You are welcomed to call 304-757-4228 and I will share what I have with you.

Alejandro Flores