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Ken Crater

Well, there's been a lot of activity on our current poll on, which asks about trade shows in our industry (specifically, when was the last time you attended one). Unfortunately, 63 of the most recent responses
were all by the same person! Someone apparently connected to a WorldCom dial-in line and proceeded to place that many votes (during two sessions) for the selection "6-10 years ago". I guess someone really doesn't like trade shows (and has extra time on their hands).

Unfortunately, this kinda impairs the usefulness of the poll. Granted, it's not a scientific poll, but it can provide an informal indicator of trends and opinions, which is why we have it on the site.

BTW, apart from the bogus votes, it looks like a pretty even split between attendees and non-attendees, although this is based on a pretty small sample. We'll likely be changing the poll soon, so if you'd like to register your view, now's the time.

And again, any suggestions for future topics are welcome. The results are public info, so everyone benefits who has an interest.

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