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J Aarssen

Does anyone know of a hand held barcode scanner that can operate on the DeviceNet fieldbus?

Steve Bailey

I don't know of a scanner that can transmit over DeviceNet, but I have interfaced a scanner through the serial port of an EMS model CM11 DeviceNet interface. EMS primary product line is RF identification systems, but the CM11 puts a serial port onto DeviceNet.
I don't think you'll find a portable barcode scanner that goes directly on DeviceNet.

Some fixed-base ones, like the Accu-Sort (formerly Allen-Bradley) Adaptascan and the new Microscan MS-880 do so, but handhelds are found in
more commercial than industrial applications so wouldn't tend to have an industrial bus interface.

Virtually all of my barcode applications on DeviceNet use the DIP Inc. CDN-066 ASCII/DeviceNet converter. There are other devices of the same type, including a good low-cost one from Western Reserve Controls, but the
DIP model is pretty much a de-facto standard among my DeviceNet customers for barcode and other simple ASCII applications.

If DeviceNet is already in use in the application, a DNet/ASCII interface usually cuts your ASCII interface costs dramatically if you have more than a couple of ports. I've authored a good "getting started" appnote for the CDN066 and the 1747-SDN interface if you want it.

Ken Roach
A-B Seattle
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Coincidentally I had a rep call me today telling about our Material Service Dept planning to use a 2d scanner over devicenet. Apparently the product was originally AB, but they got out of the bar scanner market and sold it to ????? I'll let you know soon.