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Nigel Browne

Earlier this year we installed 2 Bat VGA and 1 Bat HMI's on a Profibus Network with an MTL 8000 unit.
No problem with MTL but all Bartec units continually coming up with CRC Checksum errors. Have tested Profibus cabling, even turned circuit round but to no advantage.
Has anyone any suggestions.

Alex Mueller

I used Bartec BAT VGA a couple times with Siemens S7. I also had some problems but after installing the newest driver from Bartec it went well.
This driver was so new it wasn't even officially released from Bartec I got a copy from one of their Software gurus. If you need more information or the name of this guy, please tell me.


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Johan Bengtsson

Ok, you may have tested this already but anyway:

1. Make sure there is one continous cable without stubs. I know it is possible to have short stubs but they add disturbances so avoid them if possible.

2. Make sure you have exactly two terminations, one at each end of the cable, and no one at any other place.

3. Make sure the terminations are powered. (each
termination consists of three resistors and need power to fully operate)

/Johan Bengtsson

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