Barton 202E Static Element/Linkage


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Just finished squaring/calibrating the DPU side of the chart recorder and moved onto the static element side to finish off the check-out of the unit. Started reading through the ITT Barton manual to follow the procedure to do the calibration. I keep running into the issue of not being able to square up both sides of the drive link with the drive arm and the range arm. After looking at the diagram in the book it is hard to interpret exactly where they are saying to acquire your ninety degree angles at. Can somebody clarify exactly what and where i should be squaring up to continue on with the calibration?
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Basically if you pressure up the element to 50% span the drive arm and range arm should be parallel to each other and 90 degrees to their Interconnecting linkage. Then your rough adjustment is done. Then your final zero and span calibration should be easily achieved with your linkage adjustment screws.