Basic INTools software for instrumentation


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mitesh gajjar

Please give me details for INTools & Hook-up diagrams, etc. for INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERING.

Also give me link for any related documents.

Dittrich, Rodolfo

The software name now is "Smartplant Instrumentation". You can take a look on the Intergraph page.
I have just finished a week of Intools training.
We needed to learn this for a project with large multi-national. It has some nice features but I still have lots of reservations.

High cost, huge application, not that user friendly, not that compatible with the other Intergraph applications such as Smart P&ID, lots of little bugs that should have been fixed.

We normally use an in house developed Instrument database using MS Access, It's great for most of our smaller projects e.g. $500,000 in field instruments.

Dear Mr. Roy,

You said you are using MS-Access Database for Instrumentation. However, does your database support Loop diagrams & hookup diagrams?
Does your database have the facilities of wiring? What about automated wiring?
Does your databse generate enhanced smart loops?

I feel it is difficult to have these with MS-Access database. But, I find Intools as a useful software for small/big projects if we can afford/we can pass on the cost to the end user in a round about way.
No our database doesn't generate loops, but we have Autocad people who can do loops just about as fast if not quicker.

I think the only advantage Intools has there is for multiple identical loops. Our database produces better looking data sheets for a fraction of the cost, has no annual licence fee and is well understood if we get a glitch.

I can take our database to site on a memory stick and use it on any computer with MS Access, I bet you can't do that with Intools.
As I said SPI has some nice features but hardly justified for smaller jobs of 1,000 instruments.
I'm not sure what an "Enhanced Smart Loop" is, I will check it out.

Will you Please send me two or three documents wich are generated using in tool software for example purpose like hook ups, cable schedule, IO list etc.?
Would it not make sense to contact intergraph to get the pricing
rather than rely on random people on the Internet?

In any case, the price they quote someone else is probably not what
they would quote you.