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Mirko Filipovic

Our customer wants to upgrade existing control system (SLC504+PV550) with printing option (BASIC module) in order to print:

-Batch and cycle information upon cycle start

-Continuous printing of critical parameters on a time basis during cycle operation

-Cycle end data upon cycle complete or abort.

Could you, please, send me some related program example I can use as a reference due to the fact I have no option to test program before installation and no previous experience with this type of application.



Troy Stearns

It is possible to print via channel 0 of the SLC-5/04 (assuming PV-550 does not already occupy channel 0) by utilizing the ST (string) data type and the instructions that handle the ST data type. It is also possible to print from the PV-550 (assuming the PV in question is one that supports printing) by using the objects which support printing, some of which are hidden from
the user.

My point is that the BASIC module may be overkill when both of the components you describe may already be capable of printing what you describe.

Troy Stearns
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