Basics of industrial automation?


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I need for non technicians an introduction (PowerPoint, pdf, ....) to the basics of industrial automation, basics of PLC and general basics. (e.g. what is a sensor/actor? What's the difference between cable and wire? What is a digital signal? What is an analogue signal?.....).

I'm not sure one exists in PDF or PowerPoint, but there are several good books available in the ISA Bookstore, that are
introductions to control systems and industrial automation. In addition, Motion Control magazine publishes a continuing series on automation and
motion control basics. You can find the archives at

By copy of this email, I'm suggesting to Bob Burns, Director of Book Publishing, Sam Batman, editor of Motion Control, Diana Bouchard, Director
of the Publications Books Committee, and Dale Lee, Training Manager at ISA that we maybe should consider publishing a book with associated webtraining on the subject.

Check out the bookstore first, though.

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I have an "Introduction to Instrumentation" Powerpoint presentation that you (or anybody else who's interested) could use. It was intended to steer conversation for a one day seminar for water and wastewater treatment plant operators. I also have a very simple Visual Basic program which shows the difference between span and offset for calibration purposes. Send me an
e-mail if you'd like it ([email protected]).


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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias Valarezo

We publish a Technical Bulletin with just the kind of information you are looking for. We have been doing it for a couple of years now and we deal with subjects like: what is a thermocouple, what is an electromagnetic flowmeter, how does radar works and so on. You can check this information at our website:

Actually it is available only in spanish, but you may want to translate it. We have had a relative success with our publication within several countries of latin america.

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