Basics of Omron CX Programmer


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I'm interested in CX PROGRAMMER, as a beginner I'd like to know the bsic instructions and the programming.

In appreciation for your response.

Basic instructions depend on the PLC you are going to use. For example, the CPM1A has a relatively small instruction set but the CS1 and CJ1 have huge very powerful instruction sets. For example, @++L is a binary long word increment on a rising edge. A function I love for counting pulses etc. Tell us what PLC you are going to programme and we may be able to help.

CX-Programmer is very powerful and very configurable. Just about all functions and actions possible with the software can be assigned short cut keys. You can set it up to work the way you want to work. Even your screen and print fonts can be set to any font on your computer.

I do not know if you are an experienced programmer, but if not, I would suggest doing a basic course with Omron to get used to the software. I would suggest this action to anyone starting in programming these days as even experienced programmers have considerable difficulty, at times, moving to a new programming package.

By the way, I love the power and flexibility of CX-Programmer. Hardly ever use the mouse any more, only the keyboard.