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I always read the names Beckhoff and Wago side-by-side in postings about PC based dist I/O. I've looked on their web sites and the product lines look very similar. Are these two companies linked? What is the difference in their products? Has anyone used them both and has a recommendation on which one is better or cheaper? Thanks.



James Ingraham

According to my source at Beckhoff, Beckhoff and Wago make the I/O as part of a joint venture. There is no physical difference between the two offerings. However, you may notice some specific parts that one offers that the other doesn't. (The SERCOS interface module comes to mind.) Also, Wago has UL listing on all of their components; Beckhoff has apparently not paid the money yet to have it done.

Hope that helps.

-James Ingraham
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Curt Wuollet

Very similar and in fact the same in some cases. There are a few differences in coverage and bus couplers offered but the I/O blocks are the same. Beckhoff is cheaper from where I sit but that can depend on many things. Both share the spring terminals on their I/O which seems to stay connected without periodically tightening screws. I think it's safe to buy by price and mix where
there isn't an overlap. Good Generic I/O. Now if they would make an Open Protocol bus coupler we'd be all set. Seriously, the modularity and the small increments make for a cheaper installation, it's a good way to go. We did a two level sort conveyor with this and a devicenet coupler and have run for two years now without problems except for the Horner DN module on the 90/30 running the show.



John Peterson

I have used Beckhoff I/O, with the Serial coupler for quite a few years. I looked at using Wego becuase of supply issues at te time. The Wego dist. advised that while they are physically the same, the firmware does differ. Did not follow it up further, as I did not need the further development effort at the time.


Raoul Huisman


Wago does also have Lloyds Register of Shipping certification on some of their components.