Beckhoff HMI Testing

I am attempting to install a CP LinK Card to a NON Beckhoff PC and connect a Beckhoff display for testing the image on the panel.

Beckhoff IPC 2000 Operator Interface

CP Link Card
CP9035 PCI

Beckhoff CP-Link Cable Set (BNC)

I have inserted the card into the PCI slot in a standard desktop PC (NON Beckhoff) running WinXP Pro SP3.
I have ran the TwinCat2 (Trial Version) exe file as admin and selected the PTP option.
After the first few load bars I was presented with an error.

FaetureGetDate had the following error:
Media Name: DATA
Feature: TwinCAT IO System
Component: ADS API
File: C:\TwinCAT\AdsApi\
Error Number: -2147024891

Few Questions:
1.Is it ok to install the software with the card fitted?
2.Do I need the card, cables and screen connected during the install?

I know there may be some configuring to do once I get TwinCat up and running but have to get there first.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.