Beckhoff terminal and oven burner

I have an oven which has a burner to burn a glass. Now it use a button to start/stop the burner. I want take off the button and connect the burner to Beckhoff terminal but I do not know either digital input(EL1008) or digital output(EL2008) terminal. And there is a temperature control, which terminal should it connect to.

Beside that, in the PLC progamming part; how i should declare the address for the temperature control. %IX0.1 or %QX0.1.then i can control the temperature by sending in the temperature(decimal/float number) to it.
I'm no idea how to do it. Please guide me, Thanks.
Congratulations on your entry into the world of systems integration.

You need to determine what the burner controls do and how they work so that your PLC can be programmed to mimic manual control.

For instance, is the start/stop button a sustained switch contact or a momentary contact? What voltage and current do the switch contacts have to carry? Normally open? Normally closed? Are there more than one set of contacts that perform multiple, different functions when the button is activated? If the button is momentary because one 'holds it in until the flame is lit', what does your control system use as feedback for flame recognition to release the contact?

For temperature control, there's a similar set of questions, like what does the current temperture control do, how does it do it and how do you replicate that with a PLC?

If this is a liquid or gas fueled oven, then there are safety circuits for flame detection and over-temperature shutoff that must be kept intact for safety reasons, so unburned fuel does not continue to flow should the flame go out and explode when an ignition source appears, or so that the failure of the temperature control does not allow the oven to overheat and catch on fire. Electric ovens have over-temperature safeties. Tinkering with the safeties is a liability issue; legal liability in most places around the globe, moral liability in all places.

I can't help you answer any of the questions because I'm not there to look and poke around and make measurements. Sometimes devices have documentation that might help you determine some of this, particularly a wiring diagram, but some diagrams are just boxes connected with lines with no detail. Then it's research time.