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Hakan Ozevin

I am really astonished by this post. A very easy search in the internet or from any other source will show someone that VFD means both: a) Variable Frequency Drive b) Vacuum Flourescent Display. I am astonished because the author, an editor, says that he could not find any explanation and the moderator of this site puts it here. I do not know the starting point of this site, but I think that the knowledge put here should have some value such that it cannot be found anywhere else. Here, there must be articles on control engineering, Q&A on spesific subjects. Those are really here, so why doesn't the moderator switch such simple and time consuming questions to yahoo or altavista? (If no rejection is possible put the moderator's note: bla bla bla can be found at I am not against the moderator and his/her virtue at all, but I really think that this assistant editor may be virtual. Is this a kind of quiz? Do you want to measure if posts are really read? Hakan Ozevin > > I am an assistant editor at the Thomas Publishing Co. I need to know >VFD >stands for. While there are numerous companies on the internet who offer >VFD >products or alternatives, I can't find exactly what the three letters stand >for, and I need to know badly. > > > > I'm not sure if this is the proper venue for my query, but >if anyone can help and also possibly give me a URL to verify the >definition, >I would greatly appreciate it. > > > > Sincerely, > > > > Tim Fox

Jennifer Powell

Hakan, The post you responded to was quite real, and was originally part of a thread referring to VFD's (in which they were not defined). When I saw it, I also wondered why the writer might not have found the answer on the Web, but after further thought I approved it. The reason is that we have had some requests for more beginner-level information, and I felt it would begin to round out the scope of information available on our site. plans to add a beginners' section, about which I believe you (and others) made a suggestion recently. You had suggested a book list for beginners, and we've made note of the book you mentioned. The beginners' section is under construction, and we hope to be able to post it before long. If anyone else has suggestions for our beginners' section, whether it be general topics or specific questions and items such as book titles, please respond! Sincerely, Jennifer Powell Moderator & Editor,