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Hi All,

Right now we are on engineering stage of control system retrofit project. The project is to upgrade control system for Bel Baie IV paper machine which was made and commisioned 10 years ago by Beloit Corp (Machine No. 808).

Existing control system is based on AB Pyramid Integrator (PLC-5/250) and will be changed to AB ControlLogix.

I am asking if there is anyone on this site that has had a successful experience on control system retrofit with this paper machine.

Dave Ferguson

Although I have no experience on this particular Beloit machine, I do have Beloit, Valmet, and Voith PM experience.

I have also done many Clogix conversions and have experience with PLC 5/250 (Pyramid Integrators). What is/are your questions?

Maybe leave e-mail and we can take questions off list.......

Dave Ferguson
Dear Mr. Dave Ferguson
Thanks a lot for your response Sir,

My e-mail is :
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Could I have your e-mail address please,

I will provide you the details of my questions
through your e-mail

We're also looking at upgrading and replacing some Machine controls on a 10 year old Beloit Writing Paper Machine. If anyone with some experience with Beloit Machine Controls is still following this thread, I'd appreciate it if you'd contact me off-list so we could discuss it further.

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Dear KKW,
2 years back, we upgraded successfully dry end control system of beloit paper machine belongs to APP paper mill. Just drop us your questions here, may be my experience can help you and others.