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Arturo Reyes Rosas

Hi All:

Does anybody know the benefits to modernize control panel in a turbomachinery relay base in PLC, economic and technical benefits.

Or where I can find information about it.


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Adolfo Jimmy Saldivias

Control Relays take around 20 ms to close or open.
The equivalent in PLC takes around 0.002 ms, which is an improvement of several orders of magnitude in speed

Control relays are difficult to spot when they burn. This does not happen with PLCs. I have seen engineers to spend a complete day to find the faulty relay. And remember the cost of the relay is the least important factor or the cost of extra time paid to the technical personnel. The major cost is to stop a plant for a full day. In this plant, they produced 20,000 USD of product a day. That is the major cost. The amount of mechanical parts who can fail is drastically reduced when you use PLCs instead of control relays.

By using a PLC you might put into work some crazy ideas such as counting how many times each of your contactors opened and closed. Compare this data with the manufacturers data. And find out what is the best equipment to buy. Or you can count how many operations your equipment made during a certain period of time. All of this is impossible with control relays.

Believe me, it is justifiable!!

You may want to check our website for more information:

Or I can send you our Technical Bulletin (monthly publication) explaining about PLCs.

Jimmy Saldivias