Bently Nevada axial vibration due to lightening strike


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Kamran Shamim

Recently one of our machine got tripped due to high axial vibration at the event of thunder strike. Same incident had happened in the past well.

Please note we have Bently Nevada systems installed on above machines. In configuration of the probes I do see frequency filters on radial vibrations only but there is no option to implement the same on Axial probes.

What can trigger the above incidents;

1) Matching of resonance frequency?
2) Grounding? “

Did any of you face the same scenario during rainy seasons at your site or on site of your clients?

Please share the details.

I think that these two articles from Orbit magazine address quite well your problem:

It doesn't look like the issue is related to vibration frequencies but to lightning surge currents. Probably the axial probe read a voltage value out of its range and the BN equipment was configured to trip on that event. If you can check the trip configuration for the axial probe and the logged data you should be able to confirm this hypothesis.