Berger Lahr TLC53x - need help

Hello everyone,

I have problem with Berger Lahr TLC53x drive, dont accept the parametar for speed, i need to degrees the acceleration and speed, but dont have any changes after parameteras. Do you anybody which experience with this type of drive to give me advice.
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The 8th digit in the model (type code) number defines which digital communications protocol the drive is installed in the M4 slot, if any.

Which communications module does your drive have?

What kind of hardware/software are you using to communicate with the drive?

What have done thus far to establish communications with the drive?

The manual does not seem to list Modbus register addresses and refers to "the relevant fieldbus manual' for any of the protocols. Do you have the 'relevant fieldbus manual' for whichever protocol you intend to use?
Hello David_2,
Thank you very much for your advice, so for connection I use RS-232, I am connected with the drive, the problem is to must reduce value of acceleration and deacceleration, now is 20.000 but when i change doesn't matter number haven't change at all. Looks like don't accept the value or something any condition....I haven't experience with this type of drive, so every advice and support they mean a lot of me.
Yes, I used the twin line commissioning tool to change parameters, but without success, the parameter is changed but the system does not react to changes, maybe something was missed during the process....



Would be a good thing to share here steps that you processed to do such parameters change/adjustement...

So we can investigate on how to solve the issue ...and support you

Is there is a step like switch off /on the CPU power supply for the memory to get changed /written ..
i just inform that after changed parametars the ramp is the same, so the best solution is to change the acceleration and deceleration ramp. When am I change parametars, must change the curve?