Best Method of Ammonia Tank Measurement


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Srdjan Sarcev


I am new in this area and I want to ask You a few questions about ammonia tank level measurement. There are old spherical tank's (diameter 11m, 12,5m and 16m). We need reconstruction of this, that means new measurement system. For level transmitter there are 3" hole on the tank. Can I put in there stilling well and radar? Which is smallest stilling well diameter to put radar in that?

Please somebody answer.
I know for the Ultra Sonic level transmitters if you going to mount on top with a 3" diameter then the length is not suppose to be more then 4"
from the top of the tank

But why not use a DP transmitter?

Srdjan Sarcev

Thank You all for fast response and answers. I think that the servo gauge is the best solution for commercial measurement, but I can`t put it in 3" hole.

Maybe TDR does the job or, again, non-contact radar with stilling well?