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David Whitney

I use Milltronics for soap bin levels with filling. Looking for a laser type that is accurate at near empty conditions. Milltronics is not satisfactory.

Greg DeRudder

If you are referring to "inaccuracies" concerning a distance measurement, you most likely have a sensor aiming issue and not one of inaccuracy (assuming you are using ultrasonic equipment). Plumb bob, radar, ultrasonics, and laser only measure the DISTANCE (of air space)between the sensor and the point of impact on the surface of material being measured. Being a dry material, there will be a slope or angle of repose that actually inverts during the transition from a full to empty vessel. The point of impact of the measurement directly affects the distance measurement.

If you are referring to inaccuracies of "Weight Calculations", then I suggest that you first examine the vessel dimensions you have programmed into the controller for accuracy. Use the sensor face as the top of the height dimension and the discharge opening as the bottom part of that dimension (not the overall vessel height). Secondly be certain that you are using the correct bulk density value because any distance measuring device that displays by weight simply calculates the volume of material using the measured distance to calculate the material volume and then multiplies volume by bulk density to yield a calculated weight.

The angle of repose of your material plays a great part in your accuracy as well, again adding variables to your data that calculates volumetric information.

If you wish to discuss this with me, send an email to me containing your contact information.

I hope this helps.

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K-tek may be an answer. They have several units, one of which should be suitable. Pricing from $1.5K to $3K.

Contact Carl Kull. 1-800-735-5835, Also, .

A caution however. If your application has a lot of dusting, laser may not be suitable. I would expect that local rep could do a demo and check out application.

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Koblenz, Mykel MH

I have used a miltronica and Vega ultrasonic and the Vega is a hell of a lot more accurate. Depending on the conditions you might need a radar


As we find Milltronics sensors in our factory a lot, but the performance is not satisfactory.

For this solids application the easiest way to go for GUIDED MICROWAVE type lelel sensors.

It means the microwaves are reaching to the bottom of the Bin through Wire Rope or Guided Rope.
Its Costing 1200 USD , and performace is satisfactory.
E+H is making these guided Microwave sensors.