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Flavio Morais de Souza - Flavio

Dear Friends,
Does anyone know how can I measure the "Blaine Number" of iron ore continuously?

Your help is greatly appreciated in advance...

George \(Jim\) Hebbard

I do not have an answer, but I, too, am interested in the question.

As I recall, the Blaine number is (was) used for measuring cement fineness. I recall it was somewhat similar to the Fisher Sub-sieve sizer. I evaluated it many years ago because it has some relationship to the filtration rate of phospho-gypsum filter cakes. I could never find a convenient, let alone continuous Blaine method.


eric blanpain

You have 2 options: use an automated blaine analyser (this is quite obsolete).
The blaine technique itself is quite antique

use an online particle size analyser (Microtrac, dispersion technology) this is a much better approach !!!

George Crawley

There is an analyzer offered by Malvern Instruments using an on-line laser diffraction instrument known as Insitec. We have over 50 instruments measuring cement fineness in real-time with a system integrated into the finish mill, and correlates well with Blaine (we have over 300 installation in all in different powder industries). We can measure particles in liquid streams, using an Insitec integrated into a dilution system which is supplied by Outokumpu.