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Roberto Feliciano

I´m interested to represent industry processes using block diagrams. This will permit computacional simulations. Could you help me explaing how to start this experience ? I've studied the control system theory.

My name is vijayendra, First of all, you should be very clear about number of break ups that one can make up in any process plants. If you want to go in depth and to be particular of each unit's functioning then, even a small loop of process matters. To ease your approach, split the systems based on the type of system i.e, Electrical, Mechanical etc etc. Then, in each of the system start spliting the systems in terms of bit of operations or functions.

After identifying functional bits of the systems, try to resolve the Transfer function of the same. Likewise you can find out the Transfer function of the overall systems. In the process you may have use the analogies of converting mechancial systems to electrical systems or vice versa. Good luck for your approaches..

Jeremy Pollard

Investigate the Function Block portion of the IEC 1131 standard at the PLCopen web site. Most software programs that support them have a simulator built in as well.

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