Blockage in Impulse Lines/ Filling Glycol


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Good Day All,

I have frequent blockage in impulse lines for some transmitters and I need to clear them by a recommended way. and also I am facing problem that when I fill the impulse line either by Glycol or water what is the recommended device or equipment I can use it to fill liquid through impulse line under safe way?

What is the best practice when you have blockage in impulse lines for flow transmitter how can clear the blockage?

what is the best equipment to fill glycol in level dp cell in both H & L sides?

Bruce Thompson

First off, the impulse lines should NEVER incur any blockage. So let's address what is causing the blockage rather than how to clear it.

My first thought is for you to check for proper installation.

If you are measuring a gas, your connection point needs to be above the process so that any condensate flows back into the process.

If you are measuring a liquid, your connection point needs to be below the process so that any gas in the line migrates back into the process.

Next, can you provide more detail on what your process is, how the instrumentation is connected and what is the nature of your blockage?
Hopefully blockage isn't a problem, but to properly fill most d/p systems you need the proper block, bleed, and vent valving.

Plants that require regular impulse line filling, drain them then pump them up from the bottom, until the liquid comes out the top vents, then you close the bottom fill valves at the botttom, close the vent valves at the top and then open the blocks (slowly). Then check meter zero and you are down.

If lethal fluid process, use the buddy system, and always use proper equipment.

> Can you give me the best company that provide bucket pump to clear impulse lines?

We represent a company called Clearguard that manufactures the Autorodder (AR) is a very simple, preventative maintenance device. By keeping instrument tapping clear, by ensuring there is no induced error in pressure measurement while keeping the tap clear and using plant air and a simple control system, the product is solving a huge number of issues.

we do have videos on youtube see links below, our website for your to look at, we have references and contacts to verify our performance, we have manufacturing in both Australia and Portland, Oregon and representation in Europe and we can support our product as your project sees fit.


Ian Beattie
GPEC Limited
United Kingdom