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I am looking for control board to control 12V DC motor with quadrature encording (ChA & ChB). For example, If 3600 encorder ticks is one revolution, then 10 deg =3600/360*10=100 ticks. I want to be able to tell the controller to go 100 ticks and motor shaft rotate 10 deg. Let's say next time I want to go to -100 ticks and come back to point I started first. The controller board need to be powerful and "smart" enough to compute acceleration, de-acceleration, maximum velocity (in trapizoidal profile), and PID gain values(Kp,Kd,Ki) internally (or atleast I can find these values through following a well documented experimental process for my perticular motor). I would prefer if the board support multi axial control (i.e. two or more motor control at the same time)
Also, Does any of you think Kp, Kd and Ki values change for one given number of tick values to the other? If so, without experimentally finding Kp, Kd and Ki values for every posible ticks how do I find these gain values? What is the most effective way of finding acceleration, de-acceleration and maximum velocity (in trapizoidal profile) for any tick (within a certain position error) which corresponds to as in above example within 1/10 deg?

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Robert Close

Actually either address is correct, depending on the sophistication of your requirement.

PMD is a manufacturer of Motion Control ICs for multiaxis controllers. They are often used on 4 axis systems. PMC is manufacturer of multiaxis controllers ISA/PCI using RISC & MIPs processors for tragectory and central processing and having individual DSPs on each of their 6-8 axis boards.

> The correct address is equivalent to Performance Motion Devices... is very good!
Hi... I would like if you got to work with PMD chipset..I need to know any application usefull to guide me........