Boiler combustion control with Foundation Fieldbus


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Jose Arteaga

I need help to discover what's the most appropriate way to implement a boiler combustion control for a thermal plant application. Is it Foundation Fieldbus the best option? Are there any other possibilities?
FOUNDATION(tm) Fieldbus is a good option.

We (SMAR) have done boiler controls in several installations using Fieldbus.
SYSTEM302 includes templates for steam pressure control, combustion control,
feedwater/drum level control, draft and steam temperature control etc.



Verhappen, Ian

To properly/fully answer this question requires a look at the P&ID. However, having said this, FF is designed for continuous processes such as this though other buses will also work as well. A number of criteria in addition to those that can be determined from the P&ID are needed to be able to determine what is the 'best' bus for your application including:
- I/O type and distribution (AI, AO, DI, DO)
- Skills of workers and their willingness to learn new technologies
- local support (engineering, sales/vendor, and maintenance)

You may want to refer to a paper Eric Byres and I presented at ISA/2002 for more information on bus selection. If you cannot find it on the ISA web site, contact me directly at [email protected] if you would like me to send you a copy of the Adobe file directly.

Ian Verhappen