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Salai Kuberan E S, Manager/C&I

Hi friends
One of our customers demand "Reheater protection" trip logic to be included as part of Burner Management System PLC. Our present
practice doesn't include the logic in BMS. Does NFPA has any known clauses against the practice? I would like to hear about how it's implemented elsewhere.

It is not clear what you mean by Reheater Protection, so I will presume that you mean: 1) failure of the reheat temperature control logic; and 2) failure of the reheat loop piping, spray water and temperature control valves.

No, the NFPA has no restriction! In general the factors to consider are protection of life and plant. Thus, depending on the consequence of either failure noted above, then hierarchical
corrective action can be taken: a) trip the turbine or steam user to which the reheat loop is connected; b) trip main fuel only; c) trip
ignition source and main fuel; or d) trip ignition source, main fuel, and combustion air (emergency trip).

Obviously, there are many parameters and scenarios to consider. Many more than can be answered by this format. I suggest that a good starting point would be to get the boiler manufacturer's input.

Phil Corso, PE
Trip-A-Larm Corp
(Deerfield Beach, FL)
dear salai

i have seen reheater protection in BMS system at Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station Unit-3&4 Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board. There BMS was supplied by M/s ABB and Station C&I was done by us.
Anil Soni
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