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We are planning to establish one supercritical boiler Power plant 350 MW. Pulverized coal boiler.
Previously I have experience on CFB boiler but subcritical. Should I learn something new for Supercritical boiler? ıs the general control principle same with sub critical? Because there will not be drum on Supercritical boiler.

Thank you for your help

Have you tried using your preferred Internet search engine to look for answers to your questions?

One of the best references on steam power and boilers is "Steam, It's Generation and Use" which is published and maintained by Babcock & Wilcox (a major boiler manufacturer). It is a fine reference on just about ANY type of boiler made or ever made.

I don't know if it's available on the World Wide Web as a free download, but for answers to questions like yours it is likely the best around anywhere.

There are other power boiler references and texts which can talk to the major differences, but probably not to the extent you want or would like. "Steam" is about the best around and used by people around the world for reference and knowledge.

There is a lot of experience here on, but perhaps not so much in the area of sub- versus super-critical boiler control and operation. Again, I would suggest using your preferred Internet search engine to find other forums where you might find more information. One good site, which isn't available everywhere in the world (unfortunately) is You might not find a wealth of information on your specific topic but I find that I can get key words and terms I can use in other Internet searches to find more information. The key to successful Internet and World Wide Web searching is to use different words and terms, and to learn to use double quotation marks to enclose search terms into a single term when looking for multi-word searches. And, sometimes, by reading not-so-relevant search results one can learn more terms and words and further refine subsequent searches. Use the Help feature of your preferred Internet search engine to help refine your search results. Many search engines even accept questions these days (punctuated with a question mark)!

Best of luck in your search! But I really think your best bet is to locate a copy of "Steam" and consult it for answers and information.
steam tables above 3200 psi,forced circulation, etc. CSA recommended STEAM from B&W. I dusted my copy off.

I continue to be amazed by technology that dates back to Hero's boiler.
Your desire to learn about supercritical operations is a very large undertaking for this forum. Many of the plant operations are the same, but as you know a supercritical boiler is going to be a once-through. Water chemistry is important.

Pressure control is different...usually done with the boiler feed pump. Firing usually is more for temp control, etc. Of course, every unit will have it's own ways.