Boiler Mud Drum Heating Coil Control


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Hi all,

I am Looking into a control strategy for boiler MDHC's.

I have a new project at my plant to help reduce the start
Time and increase reliability of auxiliary boilers that supplement
Steam provided to our customers when a gas turbine may be down
or steam load is high.

We have 3 new boilers that have mud drum heating coils already installed that I want to utilize. But they are not hooked up yet. I have the option of using 175 psig steam At ~450f or 800 psig steam at 750 F. I am leaning towards Using the 800 psig since I would be able to keep the boiler Hotter.

My main question is what would be the best method to control The steam flow and temperature. Currently I am thinking:

1) A classic automatic temperature control valve that reads boiler drum temperature And adjusts steam flow.

2) Place a steam trap on the discharge line from the MDHC's. My idea here is that the steam will condense and flow if the Temperature inside is less than the saturation temperature.

3) Manual throttle valve to control steam flow.

4) Orifice sized for proper steam flow based on the OEM's calculations.

Any opinions?