Boiler Stack, Smoke Density Monitoring


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We are using smoke density monitors at our boiler stack. These monitors are made by SICK Germany. After every servicing we check their lenearity against a set of test filters. However when compare the color of smoke by visual observation with the smoke density reading by the moitors. It feels that it is reading high. My question is what can be the parameters which can effect the reading when in real use and show correct reading when checking through the filters?
Here are the factors:
The number one factor is how accurate your zero adjustment was. Did you get the flange to flange distance exact?

Is your alignment correct on both sides?

The second, are you measuring relative opacity, or opacity? relative opacity is a calculation that involves your measuring distance compared to the stack outlet distance.

Basically, if you are sure the zero adjust is correct, your alignment is correct, and you have the correct dimensions for the meas distance and outlet distance, you can be sure the analyzer is reading correctly.

I am assuming it was installed correctly.