Bottle Counting Operation

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Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Dear list,

we are trying to implement a bottle counting operation. The bottle to be counted are different sizes but are filled on the same line. What I am trying to do is provide a counting mechnism that is both temper proof (with temper evidence if tried). The different bottle sizes should be automatically checked and the appropriate counting. The system should be able to send the data through email/web/ODBC to some remote PC.

Is there some readymade solution for this application?

Thanks in advance,

Frank Mitchell

I have heard that some quadrature encoders count backwards(subtract) if the offset square wave signals come in reverse order. In fact that is the strategy used by some can counters. One project i worked on 15 years ago employed a can counter like that. It had an accuracy of + - one can in 50 thousand cans. If guards are placed on conveyor so that bottles cannot be removed then moving the bottles backwards will not affect the count.


There are many vision systems availabe on the market that will detect size, fill, and quantity. Many of which are user programable to fit your process needs.