Braking AC motor by DC Injection


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Rodolfo Licu

Is there some one who can provide me with information on:
1. Resulting braking torque on the rotor to how much DC current I apply.
2. How much resulting rotor current would be produced for a particular amount of DC current on the stator.
3. What would be the disadvantages in using dc injection for braking other than burning the stator winding if the current is more than rated.
These specific questions are best addressed by an engineering oriented motor-drive manufacturter because the dc injection braking condition is not so easy to analyze. In general, the braking time is inversely proportional to the applied dc current squared. A dc current 2-3x nominal is typical. The disadvantage could be too slow a braking time or too long a braking distance compared to other methods but that also depends on your application requirements and applicable safety laws, etc.