Bridge between Mitsubishi Ethernet and Modbus RTU or TCP/IP


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I'm thinking about making Mitsubishi Ethernet to Modbus RTU or/and Modbus TCP/IP converter. I want to know if this kind of converter can be useful. I will be glad if you send any comments about my project.

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Ken Emmons Jr.

I think Mitsubishi has an ethernet card that can talk Modbus TCP??

Is this card not capable of enterprise network functions as well? I'm just asking because we are thinking of using one on a project and I had hoped to get both capabilities even if somewhat limited.

I can confirm they do indeed make (and have for few years now) a native Modbus TCP/IP card for the Q series PLC's. It's a QJ71MT91.

It is able to operate as a master or slave. All modbus commands are supported and you can do all programming changes and monitoring on the PLC side across the TCP network as you would with their straight TCP comms card.

It works a treat, very fast unit.