Bridle Applications for strip processing


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J. Thames

Looking for info to help us understand the designing and application of bridles in strip processing. Also for the application of drive system(s) that are used to control the bridle. We process strip that ranges from 4 mil to 10 mil thick and from 24" to 41" wide. The strip gets coated with plastic on one or both sides and the metals used include copper, aluminum, and steel. I would be glad to get any info I can or any direction as to where I can find information. I appreciate any comments. Thanks!!!
Try Mechanical Engineering books on "Mass Transfer" specifically conveyor system to get an understanding of tension amplification through bridles.
For electrical information and PLC algorithms try the manufacturer of the PLC and drives you use. If you are using Magnetic Amplifiers for the control system, best to look up a retired engineer that knows what they are and he should put you on the right track.

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