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I have a question about how to calculate brix or percent of sugar content. We are using a micro motion coriolis mass flow meter that is only measuring flow for now. I want to use the density signal to calculate brix. Is there a way I can do this in the program. The signals are input to a PLC5-40.
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Brix, or Balling is the % by weight of sugar in the water.
It is usually measured by using a floating saccrometer similar to a specific
gravity battery tester which really measures specific gravity.
A specific gravity to Balling scale can be found in Wagner, "Grapes to
Wine," Pg 149, Borozi Books. If you want a copy of the page, send me your fax#, or mailing address.

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I'm no expert but... Some key elements to consider are: Is the substance just water and sugar?? Degree Brix is the percentage of sucrose assuming all the solids to be sucrose. Baume is usually used as a measure of total solids concentration and is directly related to specific gravity. Brix is a measure of the sweetening effect of just sucrose. If this is dairy related further help in other areas can be found at:


The question is if the software supports the conversion. If you choose a dedicated density transmitter then you should find the brix calculations are a standard option in the software since sugar brix and brix measurements in soft drinks etc are standard applications for these instruments. You might also want to investigate refractive index.
For dedicated density you have a choice of nucleonic devices or vibrational, both are used in the sugar industry and have been for many years.
You might try the web site,, or for resonant frequency density transmitters which are extensively used in food, soft drinks, distilling and brewing industry applications.
The operating manuals for the 7828 insertion density meter or for the 7891 electronics are downloadable from the web site and these contain details of degBrix, deg Baume, degTwaddle and many other resident calculations. I don't know if the other sites will provide this information, but they should respond with end user information and reference sites.
Have you checked the manual or your micro motion rep? perhaps the transmitter can give you a brix output (or you can upgrade the transmiter to do it)
we are having micromotion coriolis flow meter , which is having provision to measure continuously measure density, temp and flow.
from that you can select any two as an outputs and capable to produce 4 - 20 ma signals.

if the accuracy you want plus or minus one digit brix , you can go for constant head brix type measrememt. make four inch dia u tube with 1500 millimet long , and mount one side bottom fix the diaphragm level transmitter and other opposite top end pour continiuolslt what siolution brix you want to measure. the principle is the real hydrostatic head is always const with respect to water , if the density changes , the hydrostic head changes thus change in head will varies the brix.

Mark, We measure Brix with our micromotion using a DMS Density Monitoring System. It is made by micromotion and takes the tube period and frequency from the transmitter and will caculate Brix.
Would you be able to provide a citeable reference for the following formula:

Brix = (((182.4601*RI-775.6821)*RI+1262.7794)*RI-669.5622)

It is mentioned on Wikipedia and several brewing websites, but I am looking for an academically citeable reference that you can help me with.