BTU meter over M-bus communication


We have BTU meter model Scylar INT 8 module with M-bus over RS485 communication option. We send telegrams to read data from slave ( in this case Scylar 8) from Master. We need address of BTU meters registers to read parameters like temperature , flow rate etc. but couldn't find it in manual. Never worked on M-bus before so have no information about it. I did go through lot of documents available over different website like , diehl ( OEM's) website but couldn't find the solution. We will use MB-sheet program to read the BTU meter but to configure BTU meter in master controller we need some information.

I understood in all these documents that the data is send in packets in hex / BCD form ( may be wrong on this). But to read the data in controller , we need address of the parameter registers. Master here would be a Siemens BT controller and engineering software would be Siemens X works.

If Master sends a telegram to read all parameters then how can the actual parameter values be decoded so as to configure in Xworks.

If anyone has done this before then share some info to get through this.

Link for manual :