BTU Meters c/w LonWorks Communication


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Steve Lim

I have a few projects in hand that require BTU meter with LonWorks communication. I'm one of the dealers in HVAC (Malaysia). Please feel free to write to me at chunkit10 @ yahoo. com or reach me at +6012-219-3052.

I am not aware of any manufacturer that has incorporated the LonWorks chip into their product for this application. As you likely know, there are modules available to convert standard signals (TTL, 4-20mA, etc.) to LonTalk output. So if the product has the appropriate outputs, those signals can be converted for LonTalk communication. We offer our insertion turbine meter with the module built in. You might also try other manufacturers of BTU systems to see if they will offer a package.


John Catch
I think both Badger Meter and Onicon provide Lonworks meters. Actually I think Badger has a Lonworks transmitter.
Hello, This is Kiran here from India. We do have expertise in customised protocol converters specially for HVAC and BMS. Please do mail me at [email protected] for any specific / customised requirements.


Kiran Shendge