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Hi All,

We have 3 frame 9B machines, 2 redundant multiunits (CRM11 and CRM12) in our control room and 3 HMIs (CT11, CT12 and CT14) in each GT module. Lately I have added logic, new points, and graphic changes for tap changing of transformers. When I rebuild the hmb files for all 5 PC's all but 1 are ok. The one not allowing me is a local HMI to the Gas Turbine. (CT14). I get the following message when I do a 'Put' for the local CT14 computer/HMI

Put HMI Configuration and Page Data to SDB
*Put HMI Configuration to SDB
Error: The device number 258 is already used by CTT11 device as the main device number.
This is preventing the transfer of new points to cimplicity.

I have gone in to the SDB browser and seen a device number 258 for CTT11. However the other machines are also showing this device number for CTT11 and no issue with a 'Put'.

Has any user witnessed this message in the past.

Many Thanks,

It has been a while since I have used HMB files, so I apologize if my am a little off in my instructions.

In short, the issues seems to be that CT11 CT14 are claiming to be the same "device". There is something in the configuration file of the CT11.hmb or CT14.hmb that you need to change so that they do not think they are the same devices. Its kind of like configuring CT11 & CT14 with the same IP address. Unfortunately, I can't tell you where exactly to look to make the change. I would have to play around with the file. Try to right click on the top level of the HMB file and go to 'modify'. there should be some setting there to change the device.

Sorry that is the best I can do, but I hope it leads you to towards the correct direction.
Thanks for your reply.

I suggested what you mentioned, right clicking on the hmb file, but only options there are IP address. The message I am getting is relating to device number. Had a look around hmb file, but nothing relates to the device number error message I am getting. Only place I can see it is when I select the SDB Browser and look at the topology tab - there I can see a device number 258.

I will wait and see if any one on has any words of wisdom.

Many thanks again for reply.
I double checked last night, the "device No." field is right next to the IP address. That is what you need to change.

Again, right click on the top level, and go to Modify.
It will be there on the "General" tab.

Just a note: When you make this change and do a Put & Get, the GT.m6b may also have to do a put/get and may have a minor difference. I am not sure of this, but it may affect those associated controllers.