Building a USB interface that can be used with LABVIEW


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I’m doing a temperature control system. I’ve an Idea of building a USB interface and implement VI using LabView, so I’ve been looking into some resources and I found that its possible to build some I/O USB interface, but I’m not sure if I can make Labview and the USB interface board talk to each other. In another word, if that’s possible please tell me HOW
Check out iUSBDAQ - U120816, a very affordable usb multifuntion data acquisition module with analog inputs, digital I/O, PWM outputs and counter. Fully support LabVIEW with many examples. The free ready-to-run iDAQTest&Log software can be used for testing, diagnostic and data logging and it's programmed with LabVIEW.
You can learn USB DAQ and LabVIEW using the EMANT300 DAQ Training Kit. Includes example in temperature control using PID. Don't start from scratch. 24 bit ADC USB DAQ module US $79 Training kit US $99

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